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THE THING Has Landed (Redux)

Maiden Lane View
Wolfgang, Darrel and I moved THE THING from Death Star to Maiden Lane on Thursday and the above is the view from our window. Not quite Soho or Tribeca but there are no SUV-sized baby strollers hogging the sidewalk so that's a plus. However there are hedge-fund managers galore so maybe they are the new babies. They take up a lot of room. Too bad they'll be broke in a few years and artists will be able to afford their "luxury lofts."
James, our Canadian correspondent claims there is a Canadian pub on the corner but all we've found is a Dressbarn and Starbucks. We have found foul-mouth louts in puffy coats singing "O Canada" at night so perhaps he's right. 
We hope to do a catalogue from our window of "corporate types" in the future but the type that stood out initially is the "paper nester" -- he's built himself a nest in his office! Hope you aren't one of his clients. Then there is the "I'm really in Westchester" corner office. Stay tuned for further THING investigative reports as we hang out the window smoking.
Meanwhile, here's what our place looks like, very Thomas Demand at the moment: 

green doors

You can't say you didn't choose this spot because of the movie "behind the green door" can you ?