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Theme Update... 3 column fun.


I hastily tossed together a new 3 column theme. I hope it isn't broken on IE or Safari. If you are having trouble...

Get FireFox

Upcoming changes in a week or two:

1) restict access to the sections to admins only.

2) EDITOR and POSTER will disappear.

  • If people are too lazy to sign up a user account, then it shouldn't be here.

inline image previews should work now.

Thanks to Ber Kessels( the [inline] tag for displaying images should work for preview now. Hurray Ber.

POST upgrades...

I've upgraded post to Drupal version 4.7. Since we're on the precipice of a drupal 5.0 release. I've added free tagging to all content so we have looser way of categorizing things. I'm planning some architectural changes for the site later this week, and its almost time to ramp up and create the autumn06 theme.

The Yes Men hit New Orleans a year after Katrina

The Yes Men strike again with a valuable piece of Identity Correction. It seems our courageous adventurers have decided that government agencies need just as much help finding themselves as psychotic corporations. They assisted the HUD in New Orleans, annoucing they were planning to reopen and repair some housing projects scheduled for demolition. on to the real story

Vancouver, Drupal, BarCamp, Workspace, Bryght...


I just got back from Vancouver... Big thanks to the awesome guys at Bryght( for getting me out there. It was good to network with those crazy left coasters. Unfortunately the camera didn't make it with me. It seems to have disappeared at postmasters' along with Tamas's video camera :(.

I attended BarCamp Vancouver and gave drupal mountpoints while I as there.. (much work to be completed on filesystem to have it ready for DRUPAL_NEXT.) Barcamp Vancouver was held in this awesome venture called workspace. You can find them online @ If you're in Vancouver, office there for a day, just the view of North Van is worth it, better yet is the talented crowd of individuals who have memberships at the space. Its like a mental sports club for geeks.

March for Peace, Justice, and Democracy, from Canal to Foley Square.


You can't do anything in New York without being fashionably late, so I caught up with the March for Peace organized by United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) at Canal on my way into the city from good ol' Bklyn around 1pm.

Spring '06...


Spring '06 is a minichromatic fixed width theme, inspired by the current season. We've elected for fully justified edgelines, using the empty space to pad and widen the navigation column. Spring '06 is a collaboration of Wolfgang Staehle and Darrel O'Pry.

Woohoo, new features....


I've been doing things today...

I setup urlfilter, inline, and simplenews for

urlfilter automatically converts web and email addresses to links.

the inline module allows you to place attached images in your post. See the Input Format->Filtered HTML description for more details.

Inline and URL Filter will only work with the filtered HTML input format.

Simple News will become our new mailing list manager. Allowing you to easily subscribe and unsubscribe from our mailing lists.

The Broadcast Cart, live at the Armory!


Ricardo Miranda, is touring the Armory with his Broadcast Cart.

Tune in Sunday Mar 12 from 3-6pm @

Public Broadcast Cart is a shopping cart outfitted with a dynamic microphone, a mixer, an amplifier, six speakers, a miniFM transmitter and a laptop with a wireless card. The audio captured by the microphone on the cart is fed through the mixer to three different broadcast sources. The mixer simultaneiously feeds the audio:

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