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Millions Of Barrels Of Oil Safely Reach Port In Major Environmental Catastrophe

excerpted from The Onion, August 12, 2010:

In what may be the greatest environmental disaster in the nation's history, the supertanker TI Oceania docked without incident at the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port Monday and successfully unloaded 3.1 million barrels of dangerous crude oil into the United States.

...Vast amounts of the black, toxic petroleum in the ship's hold were unloaded at an alarming rate into special storage containers on the mainland.

From there, experts confirmed, the oil will likely spread across the entire country's infrastructure and commit unforetold damage to its lakes, streams, and air.

Some Rules to the Contemporary Artworld. *(Rough draft)*

What makes contemporary art sell? What gets you that gallery? What makes you 'famous'?
Forget the pure essence of what it means to be an artists, forget what Ad Reinhardt was trying to tell us. Sometimes we have to eat, sometimes it would be nice to be respected.
Sick of not getting the recognition for your work that it deserves? Well a group that I'm apart of "Contemporary Art as Dialogue" [C.A.a.D] has all the answers here.
Need a First in your Art Degree? Or Need that gallery proposal acceptance? Forget trying to give meaning to our consumeristic lives; stop trying to kill the false being inside and really, you gotta stop with those ideals of helping the start of the Spiritual Revolution. Be serious for a moment. This is the answer to you artists that arecrowding the artscene. We’re like the DaDarists…. and Art&Language but better… no that’s just jokes… But arrogance gets you everywhere too!

Here they are.....


This just came in. It starts with a letter from a lawyer for British Petroleum. This is going to get funny. Stay tuned...

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Use of a website... infringing copyright on the trademarks of BP p.l.c.
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 14:15:09 -0000
From: White, Robert S C

Dear Sirs,
My name is Robert White and I work in Group Trade Marks - part of the
Legal Department of BP p.l.c.

Our responsibilities extend to protecting the BP brand and trade marks
which includes monitoring the internet for infringements and fraudulent

Making the Empire Cross

I recently stumbled across Making the Empire Cross by Brisbane artist Priscilla Bracks. Her practice explores the human condition and world we inhabit. She is especially interested in chaos, change, the patterns chaos creates, and the way these factors impact upon personal, social and national identities.



The Yes Men hit New Orleans a year after Katrina

The Yes Men strike again with a valuable piece of Identity Correction. It seems our courageous adventurers have decided that government agencies need just as much help finding themselves as psychotic corporations. They assisted the HUD in New Orleans, annoucing they were planning to reopen and repair some housing projects scheduled for demolition. on to the real story


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