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bruit direct disques special offer

To celebrate the release of our second 7" we offer both records for a limited time at a limited price of 7 euros (+ shipping)

bruit direct disques

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bruit direct disques

is pleased to announce its first release, a 7" vinyl EP by Junior Makhno, entitled "The theatre of the macabre"

a precarious concept album for the tragic era of the working poor, done and over with in 6 tracks under 10 minutes.

crying bones and bludgeoned hopes

in the vein of necro/goretex and revenge/xasthur

heavy gold red

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The moment I entered the closet where the coffee machine is I could not take my eyes off them. It's some material which I would not identify as vinyl but would describe as such. Shiny and tight red plastic shoes,


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my memory is leaking this plumber can't fix it
it's all going away
today this guy showed up on bloglines
and I thought

Oh, He's Back!

I had seen him before
a lot, I used to see him all the time
it meant I could not access something
and it was boring
I would reload and he would still be here
with his shoulders and tools
I hated that plumber and now he's back

My Bio for ISEA 2006 (unpublished)

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It is now July 2006, I was born on the 23rd of August 1958 in France. 30 years ago rock n roll music, me and others coalesced into a movement named Punk which died 2 years later having transformed me, others and the way folk culture is created and experienced. Less than 20 years after that the french hypermedia revue Pleine-Peau was started by me, others. They departed. I opened the first french blog ever in April 2000 again inviting others, it is still there at, with others and me currently working out a blueprint.

Space Alien Scrolls (on black)

Sure, I know you have all been wondering what was tying together Olia Lialina's latest works with Dragan Espenschied, you have all been waiting for an assessment and an explanation.


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it's the new


(that I did)


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ArtCast Archive

* Florian Cramer
* Bruce Sterling
* Pola Dwurnik
* Malcolm McLaren
* Wim Wenders
* Hanru Hou
* Gottfried Honegger
* Chris Johansen
* Hans Ulrich Obrist et al.
* DJ Spooky 1/3
* DJ Spooky 2/3
* DJ Spooky 3/3
* Seamus Hughes
* Charo Oquet
* Kristina Solomoukha
* Philippe Wright
* Art'05 Openings
* Voltashow05 soundseeing

What was Dada? Why is there a Dada Archive? And why, of all places, is it in Iowa?

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Some people over the World are concerned by the Paris riots and some cars burning, I can tell you that everything was always in order, all this was not happening in Paris but in the suburbs where the poor are conveniently located with the poor. In Paris all the rage is about the Dada exhibition at the Pompidou Center, you see Dada was such a revolutionary Art movement from way back, they say.

And it was. At least I was sure of it before seeing this exhibition which is an archetypal example of curatorial ineptitude. No attempt is made to convey the ebullient, lively and volcanic genius of the chaos developed under the non-sensical name of dada. In fact the determination of the curators to circumvent the shambolic bleeding heart of the dada critique is unavoidable as they have systematically laid their lacklustre show within a 3D grid. The 6th floor of the Pompidou is cut into small adjoining cubic boxes which as well as having a map-like reference such as A3 for the "social critique" box provide no relief in their vertical juxtaposition of professionally framed oeuvres. The effect of this perfectly laid out gentrification culminates as the curators seem so proud of the extensivity of their collection that they pin under glass seemingly every single bit of paper ever produced by every Dadaist and their uncle. Thousands of notes, drafts, leaflets are tamingly assembled as so many dead butterflies by an obsessive kid dumbed by his fetishism, blinded from beauty and feeling.

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