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bruit direct disques

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bruit direct disques

is pleased to announce its first release, a 7" vinyl EP by Junior Makhno, entitled "The theatre of the macabre"

a precarious concept album for the tragic era of the working poor, done and over with in 6 tracks under 10 minutes.

crying bones and bludgeoned hopes

in the vein of necro/goretex and revenge/xasthur

Street side

Cave side

60.2 Emasculator

pouring hot lead on naked bodies pounding the drums until exhaustion in a basement of necropolis

swarm of the dead

crispations over lead beats

Vector Z

the acclaimed hit featuring the sombre brawl of The Subzero and the rusty scratching of DJ Kaïssa

Stalag 69 

super catchy repulsive wow

Il tuo spirito mi appartiene

a slow dance for the apocalypse

Everlasting revenge

haunting depressive trance

infinite outro etches your brain

we've just begun!

buy it there

Our next release will be another 7” by Minitel (expected for September)

bruit direct disques is a label created by pleine-peau (association)
after net art there is noise

MP3 clip

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