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The moment I entered the closet where the coffee machine is I could not take my eyes off them. It's some material which I would not identify as vinyl but would describe as such. Shiny and tight red plastic shoes, it's spring, the end is open in an alcove with white toes as quiet little saints praying outside. They are flat shoes but not too flat. There is reddish black varnish on the nails. She says hello. I want to say those are very beautiful shoes you have. I want to say oh those shoes you have are really something. I want to say what exquisite shoes you are wearing. I could tell her stories about her shoes probably for several hours. She looks me up and leaves, it's a tight place and she thinks I want coffee, my turn. The shoes are moving away. Oh those red shoes are passing by, her feet are moving them away. Oh I want to say those are very lovely shoes.

So I did this animated gif
and it's pretty heavy if you click it.