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My Bio for ISEA 2006 (unpublished)

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It is now July 2006, I was born on the 23rd of August 1958 in France. 30 years ago rock n roll music, me and others coalesced into a movement named Punk which died 2 years later having transformed me, others and the way folk culture is created and experienced. Less than 20 years after that the french hypermedia revue Pleine-Peau was started by me, others. They departed. I opened the first french blog ever in April 2000 again inviting others, it is still there at, with others and me currently working out a blueprint.

In August 2006 my work Vignettes is to be presented at 01sj, this work began on a Monday, the 8th of September 2003 around 1pm. Production costs can be evaluated approximately to: 35 months of ISP charged at 29.90 euros, 35 months of Web Hosting at 29.99 dollars, one laptop PC with cracked software at 1000 euros (gift from my parents). Housing, food, electricity, clothing, medical care, insurance and generally all life sustaining costs of me and others who were instrumental to this work not included the total production costs for Vignettes at the end of June 2006 are approximately of 1869 euros (or 2383 dollars), self-funded.

My next production will be a 7" single by Junior Makhno in an edition of 500 for approximately 1500 euros. My first novel will be published later this year, its title is "Kicks" after a song by Lou Reed. My next novel, probably in english, will be an attempt to reconcile the utopia of Teleportation with the teachings of Scientific Materialism and General Semantics. It is now July 2006 and my life is directed by the thoughts of situationists and the sounds of raging garage synths over burning tires.

Illustration: Copy (framed) of vignette #265, published on June 19th 2006 at 2:14pm (CET), current deterioration state is of 60%.

French Punk

HI Fredrick, could you describe French Punk for us. I'm interested because I was involved in New York Punk. What was the feeling and motivation behind French Punk? Also, you went into hyper-media like a lot of us here in New York, can you describe why? Can you tell us what is unique abut French Hypermedia?

No waves

well, I just posted this entry about some of it in my music blog but, GH, being a punk in France was at the same time a difficult and very unique position: very little city scenes with very few people but very determined; there is a great description of it in Jon Savage's book "england's dreaming" in which all the important aspects of our scene are highlighted, specially that the lighting of our gas can be said to be the new york dolls show at the olympia (74, I think) and the predominant role of the Open Market shop. This shop had a selection of at most 50 records and was big as the bathroom in my current apt...

anyway, why I went into hypermedia and how it is related to punk is quite simple: D.I.Y.! as the song "the medium was tedium" by the desperate bicycles went "it was easy, it was cheap: go and do it!"

pardon me, GH, but what examples of french hypermedia do you have ?! tee hee