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bruit direct disques special offer

To celebrate the release of our second 7" we offer both records for a limited time at a limited price of 7 euros (+ shipping)

the records are:
"the theatre of the macabre" 6 track EP at 33rpm by Junior Makhno
praised by tom lax, doug mosurock, jay hinman
among others: "Some of you have written in, asking what happened to the horror-core movement that hip hop was holding down back in the mid-‘90s. From the sounds on this EP, it went to France, where it moonlights as black metal. No foolin’ – this one is split right down the middle, one side all Baron Samedi in a ghetto gown, the other busy gluing carpentry spikes to a wristband, then the two sides meeting together at the end of the record for a Judgment Night of its own. Your skepticism is expected, but this thing actually delivers, at least on the grim side of the streets – I always felt that the first Gravediggaz album left some questions unanswered, and yeah I know there was a second, but I mean real questions. This begs to answer them in a very real and threatening manner."

"Minitel" 4 track 45rpm by Minitel
just reviewed this week by doug m in dusted magazine: "Hot, tangled, primal noise scrape rock action with tons of moaning, drum triggers and full-on Greco-Roman scrambler guitar/FX box grapple. France’s answer to Sightings has produced a swift, saturated blow of old-school industrial terror and classic hive attack/defense tones for maximum discomfort. Some more peaceful, tribal motifs on “Sang” and “Minogue” on the B-side act as a cooling off from the hammer attack of the first two songs. Anti-music, pro-knuckledrag, and just what a lot of you yobbos out there want. Actually reminds me of the washing machine churn score of the movie “The Entity,” which Thurston realized the potential of on the Male Slut single."

The records normally go for 5 euros each

offer ends on April 15th, y'all!
check it out, here


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