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Writing on the wall?

German artist Oliver Bienkowski, who projected the words ‘United Stasi of America’ together with a picture of Kim Dotcom on to the wall of the US embassy in Berlin, may face criminal charges.

Eyebeam MIXER: Past Futures with Sun Ra Arkestra, Saturday April 9, 9pm

MIXER: Past Futures, an immersive audio-visual experience featuring live music performance by SUN RA ARKESTRA.

Saturday, April 9

9pm - 2am

Eyebeam Art & Technology Center
540 West 21st Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues)
New York City

Limited $10 tickets on sale here.

MIXER, Eyebeam’s quarterly showcase for audiovisual performance and interactive art, goes back to the future – to the dawn of the imagined internet.

Hitler Learns Dems Lose Teddy's Old Senate Seat and Blow Health Care Reform

It didn't take long. That old viral meme featuring Hitler, as portrayed by Bruno Ganz in the film Downfall, going postal over something or other, has been applied to the recent special election in Massachusetts to fill the late Edward Kennedy's Senate seat.

The drollest bit, aside from the general incongruity of accepting Hitler as a liberal Democrat: "Health care was supposed to be done by August, now it drags on forever, like Stalingrad!"


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my memory is leaking this plumber can't fix it
it's all going away
today this guy showed up on bloglines
and I thought

Oh, He's Back!

I had seen him before
a lot, I used to see him all the time
it meant I could not access something
and it was boring
I would reload and he would still be here
with his shoulders and tools
I hated that plumber and now he's back

Space Alien Scrolls (on black)

Sure, I know you have all been wondering what was tying together Olia Lialina's latest works with Dragan Espenschied, you have all been waiting for an assessment and an explanation.

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