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James Madison Plaza, Pearl Street, September 17, 2011

Some Rules to the Contemporary Artworld. *(Rough draft)*

What makes contemporary art sell? What gets you that gallery? What makes you 'famous'?
Forget the pure essence of what it means to be an artists, forget what Ad Reinhardt was trying to tell us. Sometimes we have to eat, sometimes it would be nice to be respected.
Sick of not getting the recognition for your work that it deserves? Well a group that I'm apart of "Contemporary Art as Dialogue" [C.A.a.D] has all the answers here.
Need a First in your Art Degree? Or Need that gallery proposal acceptance? Forget trying to give meaning to our consumeristic lives; stop trying to kill the false being inside and really, you gotta stop with those ideals of helping the start of the Spiritual Revolution. Be serious for a moment. This is the answer to you artists that arecrowding the artscene. We’re like the DaDarists…. and Art&Language but better… no that’s just jokes… But arrogance gets you everywhere too!

Here they are.....

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