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On being Working Class & Unknown at PressWeek Venice Biennial 09

QUESTION: “Who the fuck’s [artist] Chris Brown?”

The sun blazes down. The sea chops seductively against the walls of the sun-bleached facades of a city built on water. The sun sets and people get dressed up in designer clothes to venture on their networking spree.

Deriving Knowledge - Altermodern, TATE Triennial

Altermodern – Tate Triennial

Gasp! Postmodernism is dead?
Say what?? I didn’t get the memo.

A little Too Late, exhibition review from London

Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset at Victoria Miro Gallery, London “TOO LATE” exhibition.

A little too late

Only over 18s allowed in says the silver sign on the door. I was hoping that no-one was going to ask for some ID once I entered because I had left my passport at home, and have no alternative form of official ID that proves my age and indeed, who I am. I wasn’t exactly aware of what I was going to be seeing at this exhibition. I knew that it was supposedly a gallery.


The accumulation of culture
Culture – a build up of.
In Dialogue.
The Transmission-ability of culture.
Plateau Platformo.

The “cultural stealth” of our own existence has started to take its toll upon us. In a culture where the idea of transmission-ability//progress is given up in the name of Post Modernity, the disillusion and disenchantment
that is accredited by de-motivated academics, leaves us – both as artist practitioners and spectators – feeling somewhat alienated.

Sheffield, UK Cooling Towers are to be demolished despite public and artworld support

Sheffield's famous Tinsley cooling towers will be demolished over the August Bank Holiday weekend, energy giant 'E.On' has announced, despite thousands of people had signed petitions to save the towers, which can be seen by motorists who use the M1.
The general publics efforts were so determined that they even filed for the two iconic concreate cooling towers to be classed as a piece of public art. This really could have worked, as they are the Sheffield equivilent to the Newcastle Angel of the North. It doesn't appear that there's much more that we can do. Eon are adamant that the towers have to come down, and have been unwilling to consider anything else all along. Nothing that we have done has changed that, not even the TV program on channel 4 or the radio interview on BBC Radio 2. The council haven't got the ambition or vision to see that these towers could be icons, that they could attract millions of people. Unless there's some sort of divine intervention, then, it looks like the cooling towers will disappear.

Street Art exhibition, not so Street @ Tate Modern. LDN.

What does it mean for the Tate to endorse Street Art and the Street for art?

Street Art has, for as long as it has existed, been frowned upon by institutions, the critics disdain it's integrity and art professors grit their teeth at the students who go to art school and practice street art for their work.

The only place street art has had a dominant place in academia is its relation to the social world in humanities; The crime relevance to society and how the media has taken this sub-culture and taken its soul for advertising purposes.

This media trend also relates and somewhat explains the art worlds new acceptance with this art form.

What is the Future of Art Education?

A debate about the future of art education is raging on the pages of Art Monthly. In October readers will have the opportunity to come along and put their questions to our panel of educational professionals and policy makers. The panel will debate the future of art education - is further privatisation, corporatisation and instrumentalism inevitable or are there alternatives?

Some Rules to the Contemporary Artworld. *(Rough draft)*

What makes contemporary art sell? What gets you that gallery? What makes you 'famous'?
Forget the pure essence of what it means to be an artists, forget what Ad Reinhardt was trying to tell us. Sometimes we have to eat, sometimes it would be nice to be respected.
Sick of not getting the recognition for your work that it deserves? Well a group that I'm apart of "Contemporary Art as Dialogue" [C.A.a.D] has all the answers here.
Need a First in your Art Degree? Or Need that gallery proposal acceptance? Forget trying to give meaning to our consumeristic lives; stop trying to kill the false being inside and really, you gotta stop with those ideals of helping the start of the Spiritual Revolution. Be serious for a moment. This is the answer to you artists that arecrowding the artscene. We’re like the DaDarists…. and Art&Language but better… no that’s just jokes… But arrogance gets you everywhere too!

Here they are.....

The Working Class have a lower IQ - Apparently.

A Few months ago in the UK, there was an article that was released by some noteworthy 'Scholar Researcher' in Newcastle, UK.
Bruce Charlton, an evolutionary psychiatrist at Newcastle University, had gotten government funding from his proposal for his research thesis.
Now his research thesis, with clear Class Consciousness, was to prove that the Working Class are just evolutionary, and genetically stupid, therefore they should not 'win' places in higher universities.

Existentialism is a Louis Vuitton shirt...

I went to the Movies today, since it was my first day off in a couple of days from my mind numbing, capitalist crushing, advantage taking job of working in a Betting shop/Bookies.
Money is the root of all evil, but money is also money. I need it to replace what I've greedily spent from my overdrafts when I was working and living in NYC. So then I can re-spend all the overdraft on my next life changing trip (either round Europe or back to the US(west coast) ) before I go back to college in October.

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