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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bored to death by the prospect of lame insider backslapping in Hollywood, but still want a night out with friends, high-class art movies and a few drinks....?

THE THING @ White Slab Palace.
(Southeast corner of Allen and Delancey)

Art TV Clash special issue of Multitudes : an interview with Joseph Nechvatal

photo by Pierre Goirand Conseil from "viral cOncertO" performancephoto by Pierre Goirand Conseil from "viral cOncertO" performance

Published in a special issue Art TV Clash of the journal Multitudes edited by Sylvie Boulanger, Yves Citton, Ariel Kyrou, Yann Moulier Boutang

Television Art, Ubiquity and Immersion:

video of "viral cOncertO" by Rhys Chatham with 1st movement of the "viral symphOny" by Joseph Nechvatal "the enthrOning"

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TBT vs. Glenn Beck: Poetry Can Destroy the Nation

TBT vs. Glenn Beck: Poetry Can Destroy the Nation

Enjoy the video,

P.S. EDT is very happy to know from so many folks around the nativist U.S. communities that poetry still has the power move and disturb the arcs of the realities. (But we already knew that).

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New Video Reveals Andrew Breitbart Loves Al-Qaeda

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from Move

In a shocking video, Andrew Breitbart admits he "hearts" terrorists while a conservative audience applauds.

Thus far, the news media has been ignoring this video entirely, even though just last week they took at face value Breitbart's selectively-edited video purporting to show USDA official Shirley Sherrod making racist comments. That claim, of course, was quickly exposed as fraudulent.

This video is as truthful as any Breitbart has ever released, and deserves equal coverage from the news media.

You can sign an online petition here demanding that the media cover this shocking new revelation.

The Tell-Tale Heart (Part 2) at JAMES COHAN GALLERY

Despite the summer heat, there's a chill of death emanating from the James Cohan Gallery with this presentation of "The Tell-Tale Heart (Part 2)". In this exhibition, curated by Elyse Goldberg, many of the works, produced by some of today's most recognized artists, deal with the transitory nature of flesh and the fragile state that we, the living, inhabit. Includes views of works by Maya Deren, Jesper Just, James Ensor, Kota Ezawa, Hanne Darboven, Dash Snow et al.

Dead Flowers at PARTICIPANT INC.

On the evening of June 20, 2010 in conjunction with the exhibition "Dead Flowers," a group show based on the work of actor/director Timothy Carey, a selection of performance pieces were presented at Participant Inc. "Veil" by Johanna Constantine is a mysteriously disturbing yet poetic "dance" alluding to flight and perhaps the rebirth of the soul. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is well known for his/her work with the proto Punk band Throbbing Gristle. In the 1990s, with his second wife, Lady Jaye, P-Orridge began an ongoing experiment in body modification aimed at creating one pandrogynous being named "Genesis Breyer P-Orridge". In this performance P-Orridge is accompanied by the recorded voice of the late Lady Jaye. Marti Domination & Beaut riff on classic burlesque, using the novelty item known as a whoopee cushion to great effect.

The Whitney Biennial 2010 Part III

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