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HomeBase Project Benefit Reception, Monday, July 12

Monday, July 12, 2010
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Home of Henry Buhl
Tickets: $100

A private Cocktail Party & Art Salon
At the Home of Philanthropist Henry Buhl in SoHo
Benefiting the HomeBase Project and announcing the 18 international artists selected to participate in HomeBase V Berlin/NY

Co-hosted by former Whitney Museum of American Art director David A. Ross, actress, filmmaker and Homebase IV Director Adi Ezroni, and art patron Tam St. Armand

To purchase tickets:

BP unable to contain coffee spill

Here is the Upright Citizens Brigade's oil-spill spoof, in which BP reacts ineptly to a spilled cup of coffee.

Rammellzee 1960 - 2010

June 30, 2010. News has reached us from various Twitter accounts and other sources on the passing yesterday of legendary graffiti artist and hip-hop musician Rammellzee.

from Gawker:

Rammellzee, the pioneering hip hop artist and Wild Style star whose ten-minute-plus 1983 record Beat Bop is still fresher than just about anything on the radio, has apparently died.

His death was first announced on the Twitter page of Fab Five Freddy, who would know; and early this morning, a post went up on Rammellzee's Myspace page reading in part " i type this, i'm numb from overwhelming sadness.....The Equation The Ramm:Ell:Zee has left his physical....left his pain." Details are unclear.

Arts coalition condemns BP sponsorship of the Tate

Earlier related post on this site

From PLATFORM's Unravelling the Carbon Web:

Unprecedented coalition from the arts condemns BP-sponsorship of the Tate
171 figures from the arts sign letter on the day Tate celebrates 20 years of BP funding

[Editor's note: Peter Fend of Ocean Earth Construction and Development Corporation, and a longtime contributor, is signatory 19.]

Sunday, June 27, 2010. A letter today was published in the Guardian today signed by 171 figures from the art world condemning BP’s sponsorship of cultural institutions in the UK. The letter has been published on the day that Tate Britain is hosting a party to celebrate 20 years of BP’s sponsorship. [1] A group of artists under the banner of ‘The Good Crude Britannia’ are planning on protesting outside the event, and will be handing out the “Licence to Spill’ briefing to people attending the party.[2]

Arts/activist organisation Platform [3] has gathered 171 signatories from the international arts community, for a letter that says:

“As crude oil continues to devastate coastlines and communities in the Gulf of Mexico, BP executives will be enjoying a cocktail reception with curators and artists in the Tate Britain. These relationships enable big oil companies to mask the environmentally destructive nature of their activities with the social legitimacy that is associated with such high profile cultural associations.”[4]

The Madness of Art

The Madness of Art is a sitcom set in the Chelsea art world, and more particularly in the Jim Kempner Gallery on the corner of Tenth Avenue and 23rd Street. Ten episodes have come out thus far, of which the ninth (with sculptor Bernar Venet) is embedded below.

94.5º ARC x 14 from Jim Kempner on Vimeo.

Protest over BP arts sponsorship rocks UK arts institutions

A related posting on this site.

from The Guardian:

The summer season of events at Britain's most prestigious galleries and museums will be picketed by artists and green groups intent on portraying BP's arts sponsorship as a toxic brand.

Protests are planned next Monday by an eco-alliance styling itself "Good Crude Britannia" at Tate Britain's celebration of its 20-year association with the international oil conglomerate.

Climate change activists, artists and musicians opposed to the fossil fuel industry are determined to highlight BP's link to the arts in the context of the company's international embarrassment over the continuing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Us vs. Them

Time To Get Away

Reid Stowe Back After 1152 Days at Sea

June 20, 2010
Welcome home party at Pier 66 Maritime
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Foot of West 26th Street & Hudson River

From the NY Times:

ABOARD THE ANNE, off New Jersey — After 1,152 days meandering the world’s oceans on a 70-foot schooner he built himself, Reid Stowe plans to sail into New York on Thursday afternoon and claim the record for the longest sea voyage in history — eclipsing a century-old record by almost three months.

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