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Assemble For Rights NYC


Assemble For Rights is a growing alliance of organizations and ordinary New Yorkers united to protect freedom of speech and assembly in NYC.

In light of recent efforts by the NYPD to create new rules regulating public gatherings, we have come together to ask the New York City Council to take charge in this matter. NYC needs new public gatheringrules. The city’s current rules are not effective in protecting civil liberties nor do they give the NYPD clear guidelines for policing public events. However, we believe only the New York City Council, as the representatives of the people, have the authority to make laws that affect our fundamental freedoms. We call on City Council to pass legislation that both safeguards the full expression of our constitutional rights and ensures the public safety. Assemble For Rights has put forward legislation that will accomplish these goals, and we urge the City Council to adopt it.

The Assemble For Rights Coalition invites all other concerned New Yorkers and organizations to join us in making New York City a model of both security and free expression.

Assemble For Rights Members:

National Lawyers Guild (NY)


Asylee Family Rescue Project

Center for Constitutional Rights

Times Up!

New York City Bicycle Coalition

Judson Memorial Church

Transportation Alternatives

Triathlon Association of New York City

We have our own legislation we are advancing. It was drafted by civil rights attorney Gideon Oliver and is based on legislation that was successfully implemented in Washington DC, another high security city with many more public assemblies than NYC. You can get a copy of the legislation and a summary about it here: