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In 1969 Gene Youngblood wrote a book called expanded cinema. The cinematic experience has influenced all our lives. The meta-narrative of film has become our collective mythos. The components of film, their parts and the manner in which meaning is constructed shape the way we perceive the world. Video, is an extension of cinema as a communication medium. Digital video has staked out it’s own hybrid area that has it’s own rules.

The best young collaborative interface for video art is [PAM] Perpetual Art Machine.

Nothing embodies the promise and vision of Expanded Cinema better than the many different applications that [PAM] keeps creating. They will be featured at Scope Miami Dec. 6-10 with a dual screen installation at the entrance of the fair. In addition to this, a 5 minute [PAM] sample has been included as one of the featured projects in the Art Video Lounge, at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Lee Wells who is one of the founders of [PAM] along with Chris Borkowski, Aaron Miller and Raphael Shirley is also working on 3 other video implementations for the Miami Art fairs. One is called Best of the Best which in collaboration with Gen Art, and Cinema-Scope picks from the very best to feature in outdoor projections during opening night and special events.

Then there’s Rules of Engagement a mobile video truck that will be driven around the Miami streets. I’m pleased to say that HD_RANTS
will be featured in that program.
HD_RANTS will also be include in an Exhibition called 1800frames at cWOW in Newark, NJ

And there’s a special environmental video installation in the unfinished Gansevoort South Hotel featuring, Janet Biggs, Andrea Juan, and Christina McPhee.

Speaking of Christina McPhee There’s a piece on about the upcoming documenta 12 discussion this summer about Agamben’s Bare Life.