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The Saints' Gotta Brand New Bag... James Brown Dead on Xmas

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James Brown Dead on Christmas, or “When the Saints go Funkin’ In…”
All right- I realize that this is a blog on art and media, but this is about another type of media artist – James Brown. I don’t know about you, but Soul Brother #1 has had a profound effect on all of the “funky” culture of the US & the UK, from Prince, Fatboy Slim, George Clinton, DeeLite, Carmen Electra; the list goes on. When I thought about it, there are direct and indirect influences on my own life. He’s part of the reason why my black & white shorthair cat has a second name of “Elwood”, and a direct reason for the inspiration for the machinima music video I’m planning in Second Life. Although he hadn’t a big hit since the 80’s, his energy and flamboyance was always an inspiration…

Hope you have a funky Christmas, Godfather… At least the Infinite has gotten a little bit funkier.