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James Kalm is cruising around the nabes and captures a couple of interesting local happenings, most notably the de-installation of the controversial New Museum exhibition "Skin Fruit". Rolling north-west from the Bowery, we visit the gem like mini-retrospective "Trim" and Other Works 1967-2010 by a personal favorite, Jim Nutt. This show features three recent "portrait" paintings and a group of related drawings. But the real treat is a small but choice selection of amazing work from the past forty years. As one of the leading members of the Chicago group "Hairy Who" Nutt has sustained one of the most consistent and provocative careers within the eccentric figurative mode.

Edward Kienholz’s Roxys at DAVID ZWIRNER

James Kalm schmoozes his way into the exclusive private debut of Ed Keinholz's installation "Roxys". This major piece is an artistic representation of a classic brothel. The interior space is populated with sculptural elements and period furnishings.

The Saints' Gotta Brand New Bag... James Brown Dead on Xmas

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James Brown Dead on Christmas, or “When the Saints go Funkin’ In…”
All right- I realize that this is a blog on art and media, but this is about another type of media artist – James Brown. I don’t know about you, but Soul Brother #1 has had a profound effect on all of the “funky” culture of the US & the UK, from Prince, Fatboy Slim, George Clinton, DeeLite, Carmen Electra; the list goes on. When I thought about it, there are direct and indirect influences on my own life. He’s part of the reason why my black & white shorthair cat has a second name of “Elwood”, and a direct reason for the inspiration for the machinima music video I’m planning in Second Life. Although he hadn’t a big hit since the 80’s, his energy and flamboyance was always an inspiration…

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