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Last night I went out to see the Doug Aitken projections at MoMA. They are brilliant. The sculpture garden’s side entrances on 53rd street are open in the evening for the month of the exhibition. My wife commented that the use of media stars such as Donald Sutherland didn’t add anything. Go see this piece. It’s major and a breakthrough.

I also went downtown to another exhibition opening at Bryce Wolkowitz gallery,
601 west 26th. The show has projection pieces that are portraits. My faves are MTAA and Julian Opie. MTAA have side by side portraits of them blinking. Opie has his stick figure profile of a women walking with a leather dress. The bracket of the high production values of Aitken’s projection and the intimacy of the downtown gallery show is worth exploring.

Both Art Dirt Redux and RANTAPOD have been accepted for the 20th annual Stuttgard Filmwinter Festival for expanded Media. Which is going on right now.

Frank Popper’s book, From Technological to Virtual Art has been published,
This is due in part to Joseph Nechvatal’s working with Popper to organize the material and make it happen. Joseph also has a terrific interview with Popper that is well worth reading I’m pleased to say that my work has been included in this book.