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Lydwine/aka Flip da Lyd in action

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musician composer
cinematic music
work with Lisa for live performance and treat some captured sound sampling
now student in Locus Sonus post diplome in audio in network and audio in space
Would like to build my own instrument based on a wire to experiment a musical environment, develop a new space gesture.agggghhhhagggghhhh

Workshop with michel Waiswizs and Frank Baldé in Aix

Locus Sonus is now working with Steim.
Everybody is going to start with Lisa and Junxion. I've been working on this software since June. Still miss a little of keys!!!!

Michel is a very human person, he gives everybody a chance to find his own place. We are here for one week, we plan to present the work on friday evening in a place called l'embobineuse in Marseille.

composing the now/ comprovisation...

hear my sound on my space!!!!!

and also you can hear my sound on my web site

I will post some other files as soon as possible

I m by the way very excited, Frank Baldé from Steim built a new interface with me with the resistiv wire.
I will test it tonight, it is amazing and so powerfull!!!
now I have to practice my instrument!!!