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Nocturne by Chris Byrne

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3/3/07, late Saturday evening. From my window, I took stills of the lunar eclipse as it loomed over Edinburgh: a phenomenon that proved quite tricky to photograph. I realised that in my attempt to capture the eclipse, I had taken so many shots, all slightly different, that the sequence of images could become a video. Here they are presented without any removed, in the order they were taken.

The images needed a soundtrack to give a sense of the eeriness of the eclipse, and the distance I felt from the goings on in the street while observing it. Mike Hodgson's amazing sound work seemed to fit. An extract is featured from a longer piece, Transmission from the Scanner, broadcast by r a d i o q u a l i a as part of international project isol in 2002. The audio was created in 1995. I recently found out it is based on cosmology, which is something I must have realised without knowing. "Transmission from the Scanner is an audio representation of planet cycles over a month, created by mathematically assigning aural values to cosmological phenomena."

Javascript, Video and the Front Page

I can't promote, flash video with a javascript to the front page. It messes up the formatting and won't accept the player. It's the mysteries of DRUPAL which I wish someone would help us at to get a handle on.


Works fine under WordPress!

I'll see if I can do it in some way that loses the Javascript, see if the flash video works...

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