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There’s a terrific discussion on concerning legacy conceptual art. Look though the comments section on the right. In particular Joseph Nechvatal and Blackhawk have been adding very incisive texts and commentary.

Information theory is constantly butting up against property rights. That was the premise behind Faux Conceptual Art
I did the piece 14 years ago. Recently I've been re-visiting and updating the works such as: Fibonacci Series With Calculators
and Giant Kosuth Pricelist

Speaking of legacy, the hottest video for art on the web is the Swiss website VernissageTV. Some recent interviews include WPS1’s Althea Viafora Kress talks with artist Wim Delvoye / part 2/2, Paul McCarthy / Damon McCarthy: Portfolios / Hauser & Wirth Zurich, and an interview with Lee Wells the artist/curator and member of [PAM] Vernissage TV also has a 4 part interview with me that is the most concise piece to date.
Thanks to Heinrich Scmidt from VernissageTV.