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Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ MORGAN LEHMAN GALLERY 317 10th Ave/ Promised Land curated by Elizabeth M. Grady w/ Charles Browning, Elizabeth Huey, Friese Undine

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ BLACK & WHITE 636 W 28/ En Plein Air Reloaded w/ Lauren Luloff, Amy Talluto + Kathleen Vance

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ BRAVINLEE PROGRAMS 526 W 26/ Marcia Kure

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea, RHONDA SCHALLER 547 W 26/ Crossroads

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ YOSSI MILO 525 W 25/ June Bride

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ ELIZABETH HARRIS 529 W 20/ Scott Richter

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ DANEYAL MAHMOOD 511 W 25/ Davide Cantoni

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ ZIEHERSMITH 533 W 25/ Liz Markus

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ DAVID KRUT 526 W 26/ Homegrown curated by Renee Riccardo w/ Karen Azoulay, Bethany Bristow, Orly Cogan, Misaki Kawai, LoVid, Adia Millett, Doug Morris, Erika Somogyi\

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ BETTY CUNINGHAM 541 W 25/ It's All Spiritual: Art from Tribal Cultures

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ CHAMBERS FINE ART 210 11th Ave/ What About Sculpture? w/ Ai Weiwei, Zhang Huan, Song Dong

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ JENKINS JOHNSON 521 W 26/ Jack Balas

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ PAUL SHARPE PROJECTS 547 W 26/ Six Degrees of Separation

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ MCKENZIE FINE ART 511 W 25/ The Story Goes w/ Jim Dingilian, David Kramer, Katharine Kuharic, Jean Lowe, Eugenie Tung, Michael Waugh, Laura Sharp Wilson.

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Chelsea/ PAUL RODGERS 529 W 20/ Site Inscription curated by Terri C. Smith w/ Tim Davis + Stephen Sollins

Thu 6/07, 6-9, Elmhurst/ Y GALLERY 32-70 85th Street (at Northern Blvd)/ Talking With My Friends Curated by Cecilia Jurado w/ Jean Foos, Eung Ho Par + Alejandra Villasmil

Thu 6/07, 7-10, Lower East/ AIDAN SAVOY 175 Stanton/ Vance DeGeneres

Thu 6/07, 6-8, Midtown/ HABANERO GALLERY 1155 6th Ave (44- 45 St)/ Contemporary Cuban Graphics curated by Bernardo Navarro and L.L. Powers

Fri 6/08, 6-8, Chelsea, CRG GALLERY 535 W 22/ Joshua Fields

Fri 6/08, 5-7:30, Flatiron/ NYCoo GALLERY 20 W 22/ Japan Art Festival in New York II

Fri 6/08, 7-9, Lower East/ V & A 98 Mott/ Julia Chiang + David McMurray

Fri 6/08, 7-9, Park Slope/ BROOKLYN ARTISTS GYM 168 7th St/ The Band, My Last Show w/ Jonathan Checler, Gilbert Giles, Mark Korns, Ryan Mulkey + Michelle Temple

Fri 6/08, 7-10, East Williamsburg: THIRD WARD 195 Morgan Ave/ Love's Secret Domain curated by Seze Devres + Tracey Norman w/ Aziz + Cucher, Lorenzo de Los Angeles, Julie Evans, Debra Hampton, Cotter Luppi, After-party at Luna Lounge (The Bunker) 10pm - 4am, Live Performances and DJs, 361 Metropolitan Avenue (at Havemeyer), Williamsburg

Fri 6/08, 6-9, Tribeca/ PABLO’S BIRTHDAY 526 Canal/ Piotr Brehmer

Fri 6/08, 6-9, Williamsburg/ BLACK AND WHITE 483 Driggs/ En Plein Air Reloaded 2 w/ Lauren Luloff, Amy Talluto + Kathleen Vance

Fri 6/08, 6-9, Williamsburg/ A.M. RICHARD FINE ART 328 Berry/ Ink, Milk and Lead w/ Susan Wanklyn + Jessica Weiss

Fri 6/08, 7-9, Williamsburg/ FRONT ROOM 147 Roebling/ Summer Sampler w/ Sasha Bezzubov, Erik Guzman, Melissa Pokorny, Emily Roz, Jan Sokota, Sante Scardillo, David Schulz, Philip Simmons, Patricia Smith, Chris Twomey

Fri, 6/08, 7-9, Williamsburg/ SARAH BOWEN 210 N 6/ The Submissions Show w/ Hilary Basing, Renee Bouchard, Asia Ingalls, Cindy Tower\

Fri 6/08, 7-10, Williamsburg/ GITANA ROSA 19 Hope/ In The Dirt: Young Photographers Rethinking the Human Relationship to the Contemporary Landscape curated by Jon Feinstein and w/ Jason Lazarus w/ Stephanie Diamond

Fri, 6/08, 7-10, Williamsburg/ CINDERS 103 Havermeyer/ The Porch Show w/ Rich Jacobs, Erika Somogyi, Kelle Bowman

Sat 6/09, 5-7, Peekskill/ HUDSON VALLEY CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART 1701 Main St/ Size Matters: Recent Small-Scale Paintings w/ Thordis Adalsteinsdottir, Francis Alÿs, Hernan Bas, Amy Bennett, Michaël Borremans, Nigel Cooke, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Aaron Johnson

Sat 6/09, 6-8, Chelsea/ BESPOKE GALLERY 547 W 26/ Mercedes Heinwein

Sat 6/09, 5-8, Dumbo/ SMACK MELLON 92 Plymouth/ Emerging Artists curated by Suzanne Kim and w/ Theresa Bloise, Tracey Goodman, Virginia Poundstone, Svetlana Rabey, Michael Schall

Sat 6/09, 7:00 PM, HOGAR COLLECTION 362 Grand/ Damian Catera will perform two new improvisations foralgorithmically manipulated baroque music: deComposition Vivaldi and deComposition Handel.

Sat 6/09, 7-12, Red Hook/ JALOPY GALLERY 315 Columbia/ Eric Richardson

Sat 6/09, 6-8, Soho/ RONALD FELDMAN 31 Mercer/ Clemens Weiss

Sun 6/10, 1-4:30, Riverdale/ WAVE HILL 675 W 252/ Henry David Thoreau w/ Richard Bosman, Spencer Finch, Ellen Harvey

Sun 6/10, 6-9, Boerum Hill/ METAPHOR CONTEMPORARY ART 372 Atlantic Ave/ Radius w/ Limor Gasko, Mary Hambleton, Nene Humphrey, Stephen Maine, Gelah Penn, Katie Merz, Charles Yuen

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