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glorious ninth begin work on an invisiblity potion


If anyone is interested in developing their own invisibility potion, we advise caution and familiarity with the rituals involved. For its potency to be maximised, the root should be dug and prepared on the 25th July.

Continuing our search for forms of creative resistance and strategies which undermine and refute late capitalism's systems of controls, glorious ninth's next work will attempt to make that which is visible invisible, and that which is invisible visible.

Through a ritualised preparation, containing chicory root, collected on 25th July, St. James's Day, we will begin the process of dematerialising the material and materialising the dematerialised, in an attempt to turn this world upside down or inside out.

Our experiments, carried out over the next two months will be documented and updates posted on our site at the end of this period.