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Congratulations and Adulations

Artists Meeting first public artwork was a success. The whole process was very revealing. We all pulled together and did our various parts. Daniel Blochwitz took the initial site photos and selected the various potential projection areas. When the group met and surveyed the Brooklyn Bridge underpass it became apparent that we couldn’t use that site even though it was the one the festival preferred us to use. Then Leesa & Nicole Abahuni got the loft from their friends which would have been perfect except that there were two other projection pieces being done on that side of the bridge.

Lee Wells scored the Proxima Projectors that were the key to making the piece visually impressive. He also donated his G5 to make the editing go faster (It still took 4 arduous days of worry and hand wringing). But thanks to Thomas Hutchisons editing expertise we had the final print.

Ursula Endlicher set the original ten questions and the theme of doing a show about the process of trying to work together. How do we do this? Why are we doing this?

James Andrews did the poster and the worked on various writing parts such as editing the original proposal text and later the artist statement and press release. Speaking of the press release there was a very wiki like process that was applied to the press release that started with gh writing and Lee refining and editing and everyone adding edits until we came out with an acceptable product. This bodes well for any future text based process.

The juxtaposition of the images within the video was visually exciting. Chris Borkowski wrote a max msp program to do live video jamming that juiced the whole gumbo@dumbo up to another level. Chris and Lee got off a plane from Amsterdam and dove into the project.

GH did many different tasks among them creating the sound edits for the mobile surrounding sound performances that were organized and carried out by Leesa and Nicole and the AM SWARM. I’m sure that the AM SWARM going to a Smack Mellon opening will be talked about for quite a while.

Raphaele Shirley's mini universe in a fish tank was quite compelling adding yet another level to the live feed that was being thrown into the gumbo.

And when the Forager’s restaurant decided to cut off our power on Saturday night, Thomas became the hero of the hour after having already arranged for us to switch over to the parking lot next doors power supply.

This was an amazing amount of work, teamwork, creative energy and positive forward moving impetus that bodes very well for future projects. Everyone should be feeling really good about themselves and the groups dynamic. It worked and it worked really well in spite of a number of hurdles and obstacles that are always part of any process.