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Pissed Off Artists Allegedly Urinate on Kruger Art

Pissed Off Artists Allegedly Urinate on Kruger Art

A group of artist protesters calling themselves "The
Infinity Lab" were arrested Thursday after witnesses
reported acts of vandalism on the new Barbara Kruger
Installation commissioned by University of California
San Diego's Stuart Collection.
The protesters chanted, "Another formulaic Kruger,"
as one of them allegedly urinated on the
installation's floor text. Campus police arrested the
3 protesters as they continued to mock the
Thursday's protest may have inspired another
disturbing act of vandalism this time reported at Los
Angeles County Museum of Art on Friday. Apparently, a
protester threw bags of fecal matter at Kruger's mural
in the Eli Broad Collection.
Due to the two acts, there is elevated security
around all of Barbara Kruger's public artworks. So
far, Kruger has not been available for comment.

Whay are they protesting?

Why are they protesting? If it's a performance work it seems an odd way to make art but then again it could be updated DADA. "Another Formulaic Kruger" seems more like a rather lame critique. Are they upset because Barbara Kruger is getting large commissions? Hmmmm... In the scatalogical vein I prefer the young artist who pukes at art fairs. See --

Why are they protesting?

Too bad about the Kruger installation - it really tied the room together.

the Big Lebowski

A quote from one of my favorite films, The Big Lebowski --
"The problem is that rug really tied the room together."



Here's the video