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wj-s workshops and performances in Perugia, Italy, le arti in citta, 4th of oct 08

WJ-S is a software and a flexible public device for web performances allowing WJ-S (webjays, artists, web addicts and web mutants) to play live with text, sound and visual content available on line. WJs take the control of a multiscreens environment and surf at distance in different browser windows simultaneously. WJ-S is a visible and collective experience of the surf. WJS is an immersive experience in the flux.

Created in 2005 by Anne Roquigny, a french media arts curator. She invites artists from many different kind of universes to perform live with the giant hard disk that is internet.

Anne Laforet a researcher in history and preservation performs with the websites of the grandfathers of Sylvie Astie plays with as a music instrument while mixing with music and video loops. Another artist Jean-Baptiste Bayle performs with artists detournements of google.

And myself, I play with online art games or with neen art works. As a curator, I find really interesting the idea of performing with artists websites, it reactualises the idea of or online creation exhibition, immersing in real time the audience inside the internet navigation.
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