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This is a short note to let you know that the International Telecommunication Union has just publishedb its new ITU Internet Report 2006, which takes a look at the impact of an increasingly digital world on consumer lifestyles, big business and human identity: the report is entitled "".

The text of the report (excluding the statistical annex) is now
available free of charge on our website at

games: a subculture or an elitist cheat?

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Max Payne CheatMax Payne Cheat

As I was participating to Art+ Games for my biggest pleasure last week end, invited by Yves Bernard from, i intended to the talk given by Dirk from
It was really interesting to listen to him talking about their last project "Max Payne cheats only" saying that it is a readymade and that everything is in the game.

GVA N3krozoft Performance

Last week, during three evenings in Geneva, we had the chance to discover the last performance of the young swiss collective: Like some of their other works, it was dealing with video surveillance, geopolitics, fictions and a mix between acting and video screenings. This time, we were following John Doe, a secret agent, lost behind pipelines, satellite antennas and Iraki terrorists.

the day i met mouchette

I met mouchette at the last, an event organised by the neen artist nikola tosic ( Neen is a new artistic movement launched in 2000 by the artist Miltos Manetas. ( On that day, I discussed with the neenstars, angelo plessas (, andreas angelidakis ( and nikola tosic about neen and What are the differences in between, is it the same, is it part of a same movement or idea? I disagreed. I repeated what Vuk Cosic said once, relating the story of that "it wasn't meant as an art movement in bthe beginning but more as a way to prevent people of what could become internet". Neen was created by Miltos Manetas as a new art movement: the art of now, websites are the art of nowadays. Neen is often done with flash, a proprietary software. Free softwares are more in the side. Neen is a brand, is one? I don't beleive. Neen was an attitude. Is one? I just don't know. But on the same day, I met Mouchette!

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