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GVA N3krozoft Performance

Last week, during three evenings in Geneva, we had the chance to discover the last performance of the young swiss collective: Like some of their other works, it was dealing with video surveillance, geopolitics, fictions and a mix between acting and video screenings. This time, we were following John Doe, a secret agent, lost behind pipelines, satellite antennas and Iraki terrorists. Three actors were on stage and Manuel Schmalstieg was mixing in Jitter, found footage, real events, pics and live webcam images. Of course it all ended in front of a swiss country cottage, in front of some big antennas, hiding a still running John Doe caracter...

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and ?

so, did you like it ?
what did you find in it ?

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yes i liked it otherwise i

yes i liked it otherwise i wouldn't speak about it... it was a good attempt to mix fiction and reality, and i like the fact it comes from such a quiet country, military speaking i mean.