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the day i met mouchette

I met mouchette at the last, an event organised by the neen artist nikola tosic ( Neen is a new artistic movement launched in 2000 by the artist Miltos Manetas. ( On that day, I discussed with the neenstars, angelo plessas (, andreas angelidakis ( and nikola tosic about neen and What are the differences in between, is it the same, is it part of a same movement or idea? I disagreed. I repeated what Vuk Cosic said once, relating the story of that "it wasn't meant as an art movement in bthe beginning but more as a way to prevent people of what could become internet". Neen was created by Miltos Manetas as a new art movement: the art of now, websites are the art of nowadays. Neen is often done with flash, a proprietary software. Free softwares are more in the side. Neen is a brand, is one? I don't beleive. Neen was an attitude. Is one? I just don't know. But on the same day, I met Mouchette!

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