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games: a subculture or an elitist cheat?

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Max Payne CheatMax Payne Cheat

As I was participating to Art+ Games for my biggest pleasure last week end, invited by Yves Bernard from, i intended to the talk given by Dirk from
It was really interesting to listen to him talking about their last project "Max Payne cheats only" saying that it is a readymade and that everything is in the game. I really enjoyed that point seeing also a game as a tool for content production if you use it alternatively. The aesthetic result is also charming me. The only negative point i kept from this presentation was his point of view regarding the mix between commercial games as Electroplankton from Toshio Iwai and games designed by artists. I disagree, for me this mix is very positive, i don't think that it is good to still make a big difference between high and sub culture.