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Phill Niblock's 75th Birthday

Issue Project Room, 232 Third Street , Brooklyn N Y;
October 8th - October 11th

Celebrating Phill Niblock's 75th Birthday and his contribution to
Experimental Music
Organized with the help of Katherine Liberovskaya and Alan Margolis
There will be films / video from the "Movement of People Working" series

Wednesday October 8th - Works from the 60s and 70s
Tenor (1969, 13 minutes) Martin Bough, recorded tenor saxophone
3 to 7 - 196 (December 1974, 23:40), David Gibson, cello, recorded
Four Arthurs (April 1978, 22 Min) Arthur Stidfole, bassoon, recorded;
Leslie Ross, bassoon live
A Third Trombone (June 1979, recording revised 1994; 20:54), Jon English,
trombone, recorded

Thursday October 9th - Works from the 80s and 90s
Didjeridoos and Don'ts (1992, 13:30), Ulrich Krieger, didjeridu
Five More String Quartets (1991-93, 25 min), The Soldier String Quartet,
recorded; Robert Engelbrecht, cello; Peter Imig, violin, playing live
Summing II, (1985, 32 minutes), David Gibson, recorded cello; Robert
Engelbrecht, cello, playing live

Friday October 10th - Works from the 2000s
A set by Phill Niblock, mixing his sound works, and Katherine Liberovskaya,
live video
Pan Fried 27.5 (27:30, 2001/3) Reinhold Friedl, piano played with a
nylon string tied to piano strings, recorded piano; Jan Feddersen, bowed
piano, live
Sethwork (21:48, 2003) Seth Josel, unamplified guitars played with e-bow,
recorded guitar; Byron Westbrook, and The Nelly Boyd Ensemble (Hamburg) -
Robert Engelbrecht, Jan Feddersen, Peter Imig, Jens Rohm, playing live

Saturday October 11th - Works from the 2000s
Poure (2008, 24 minutes) (New York Premier) Arne Deforce, cello, recorded
One Large Rose (2008, 46 minutes) (World Premier) The Nelly Boyd Ensemble
(Hamburg) - Robert Engelbrecht, cello; Jan Feddersen, bowed piano; Peter
Imig, violin; Jens Rohm, bass, playing live

Poure was commissioned by the Centre de Recherches et de Formation
Musicales de Wallonie, CRFMW, Liege, Belgium
The appearance by the Nelly Boyd Ensemble is sponsored by Dr. Martin
Schimke LL.M., Senior European Consultant with Bird & Bird
(, Dusseldorf, Germany
Poure, One Large Rose, and Stosspeng will be the pieces on a new "Touch"
double CD, out soon