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Thursday, September 10, 2009: One Time Only Back-To-School Special

While I continue to compile listings for my own use, I stopped publishing an online events calendar years ago. But perhaps this one off, ad hoc effort will not only serve to introduce the new season, but might also illuminate the art world's commercial zeitgeist at a pivotal moment in the marketplace.

Despite grim forecasts of galleries closing over the summer and Chelsea becoming a ghost town, notices of 113 openings and events have thus far been received by email, regular mail, Facebook etc. for the first Thursday after Labor Day, shaping up to be a watershed evening. Since back-to-school Thursdays in previous years could also top 100 events, it seems there has not been a significant falling off. Most galleries that closed did so prior to the summer recess. The direness of the anticipated "death watch" was exaggerated, although there certainly could be additional casualties during the ensuing season.

Note: Some galleries, notably Paula Cooper, Jeffrey Deitch, Team and Taxter & Spengemann, elected to open before Labor Day, the traditional end of Summer, which did not fall until September 7 this year. And over a dozen Lower East Side galleries opened on Wednesday, September 9. So the following list represents only part of the action as the New York art world gears up for another season.

This list is assembled geographically and will be updated periodically. Times are 6-8 pm unless otherwise stated.

__________________________________________________ THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 __________________________________________________


Black & White - Jonas Pihl
Morgan Lehman - Alix Smith

John Connelly Presents - Scott Hug
ATM Gallery - Virginia Martinson
Schroader Romero - Play It Forward (gp)
Winkleman - Andy Yoder
Foxy Productions - Abstract Abstract (gp)
Wallspace - Donelle Woolford
Derek Eller - David Kennedy Cutler
Priska Juschka 6-9 Jade Townshend
MY Art Prospects - Emi Anrakuji
Flomenhaft - Jaune Quick-to-see Smith and Linda Stein
AC Institute - Deborah Johnson, Rebecca Gates
Foley - photography (gp)

Nicole Klagsbrun - Barney Kulok; J.Hyde, B. Fowler, J. Kassay
Lehmann Maupin - Juergen Teller
Lelong - Jaume Plensa
Mitchell-Innes & Nash - Enoc Perez
Massimo Audiello - Erik Gonzalez
James Cohan - Xu Zhen, Middle East Contemporary (gp)
Robert Miller - Barthélémy Toguo
Lombard Fried - The Girl Effect (gp)
Sara Meltzer - Euan Macdonald, Stephan Dean
Mixed Greens 6-9 Zane Lewis
Claire Oliver 6-9 Nezaket Ekici
Andrea Meislin - Jed Fielding
First Street - Hank Feeley

Kent - Dorothea Tanning
Marlborough - Will Ryman, Israel Hirschberg
Betty Cuningham - Greg Drasler
Cue - Naeem Mohaiemen, Adiwit Ansathammarat
Yossi Milo - Simen Johan
Bortolami - Tom Burr
Winston Wachter - Ed Cohen
Stefan Stux - Thordis Adalsteinsdottir
Mitchell Algus - Austé
McKenzie Fine Art - Reed Danziger
Lohin Geduld - Color Time Space (gp)
Arario - Osang Gwon
Tria - Katheryn Holt, Josh George
Clamp - Amy Stein
Studio 6-1 - Paul Kolker
Dillon - Hector Leonardi
SoHo 20- Ruth Gilbert, Darla Bjork
Bowery - Anne Delaney

210 11 Av
Sears Peyton 5-7 Shawn Dulaney
Cavin Morris - 25 year exhibition
Fischbach 5-7 Nancy Hagin, John Falato, Keppsake

Barbara Gladstone 5:30-7:30 Magnus Plessen
Zach Feuer - Dasha Shishkin
Matthew Marks - Vincent Fecteau
Marianne Boesky - Anthony Pearson, Melissa Gordon
Danese - Valerie Giles
Ramis Barquet - Exile: Three Cubans
Susan Inglett - Eli Ping
Silverstein Photography - Todd Hido, Nicolai Howalt
Mike Weiss - Yigal Ozeri

von Lintel - Joseph Stashkevetch
Pavel Zoubok - John Evans, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt
Raandesk Gallery 6:30-8:30 Jeff Huntington
SVA Gallery - BFA Fine Arts shows

D'Amelio Terras - Joanne Greenbaum, Elliott Green
Sikkema Jenkins - Mark Bradford, Kara Walker
Matthew Marks - Rebecca Warren, Peter Hujar
Nitsch 5-7 Matthew Weinstein
Sonnabend 5-7 Matthew Weinstein, Lawrence Beck
Sonnabend 5-7 D.A.P./Rona Pondick booksigning
Andrew Kreps - Hayley Tompkins
Friedrich Petzel - Troy Brauntuch
PaceWildenstein - Maya Lin
Horton & Liu - Michael Berryhill
Monya Rowe - Our Beginnings Never Know Our Ends (gp)

Casey Kaplan - Jason Dodge
Tanya Bonakdar - Carla Klein, Rita Lundqvist
Anna Kustera - O. Ben-Shitrit, A.Duravcevic, D. Kaludjerovic
Kravets/Wehby - Aaron Romine

Anton Kern - Alessandro Pessoli
Jack Shainman - Tim Bavington
ZieherSmith - inaugural (gp), new space
Josée Bienvenu - Marti Cormand
Kathryn Markel - Trine Bumiller
Maya Stendahl - Ken Friedman
Ricco Maresca - Tricia Cline, Toc Fetch
Kim Foster - Sherry Karver
Howard Scott - Gabriel Phipps
ACA 5-7 Susan Malloy, New York (gp)
Denise Bibro 6-9 Johnny Madsen, Matt Held
Elizabeth Harris - Daina Higgins, Bill Weiss
Lyons Weir 11am-6pm Ryan Bradley, Marc Dennis

Kitchen - NY artists documenting performance (gp)
David Zwirner - Chris Ofili, Raoul De Keyser


West Village, Meatpacking

White Columns - Bajo, Correia, Evans, Weber; Watson; Meyers
Leo Kesting 7-10 Greg Haberny


Ronald Feldman - Allan Wexler
Glowlab 7-9 Emily Henretta
Emily Harvey Foundation - Ray Johnson homage
June Kelly - Claudia DeMonte
Janet Borden - Michael Collins

NoHo/East Village/Lower East Side

Marc Jancou - Michael Cline
Zurcher Studios - Michel Huelin
Number 35 - Marianne Vierø
Educational Alliance - The Better Half (gp)
Christopher Henry 6-9 Jesse McCloskey


57th Street

Howard Greenberg - Jacques Henry Lartigue
Mary Boone - Peter Halley
Franklin Parrasch 5-7 John Cederquist

Upper East Side

Higher Pictures - Alfred Gescheidt

Jacobson Howard - Circa 1959 (gp)



Klompching - Simon Roberts
A.I.R. - Biddle, Dachman, Berke


Deitch Studios, Long Island City 6-10 The Open (gp)
Godwin Ternbach Museum - Andean textiles



ICA - Dance W/ Camera (gp), Tim Rollins/KOS, video