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Thursday, September 10, 2009: One Time Only Back-To-School Special

While I continue to compile listings for my own use, I stopped publishing an online events calendar years ago. But perhaps this one off, ad hoc effort will not only serve to introduce the new season, but might also illuminate the art world's commercial zeitgeist at a pivotal moment in the marketplace.

Despite grim forecasts of galleries closing over the summer and Chelsea becoming a ghost town, notices of 113 openings and events have thus far been received by email, regular mail, Facebook etc. for the first Thursday after Labor Day, shaping up to be a watershed evening. Since back-to-school Thursdays in previous years could also top 100 events, it seems there has not been a significant falling off. Most galleries that closed did so prior to the summer recess. The direness of the anticipated "death watch" was exaggerated, although there certainly could be additional casualties during the ensuing season.

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