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Gerhard Richter: Abstract Paintings at MARIAN GOODMAN GALLERY

James Kalm slips in and records a brief walk-through of this exhibition by Gerhard Richter before he is bounced from the gallery. Richter is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded painters of his generation and the current Godfather of the German Conceptual painting tradition. This show features works created since 2005 and debuts a series of large near monochromatic light gray paintings that represent an approach to Minimalism that further complicates the artists duel approach to his subjects. A room filling multi-panel piece “Sinbad” uses a technique of poured paint on the back of clear plastic panels and delivers a decorative impact that much previous work avoided.

xxxoxxx Excommuncated by Goodman xxxoxxx

Watch out Loren. They don't mess around at Goodman. They are haughty, unsmiling, über-controlling and "ultrapowerful" - as per the review of the Richter show in New York Magazine - and if you become pesky, they will not hesitate to terminate you with extreme prejudice.