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LE DERIVE - video screening on sunday, feb 7

With Simon Buret, Andy Gillet, Dimitri Capitain, Charles Delpon, Roxane Mesquida, Brady Corbet, Christian Tual and Diane de Beauveau.

Screening and Q+A in presence of the director and one of the actors, Andy Gillet.

Sunday, February 7 2010, 8 PM
at White Slab Palace
77 Delancey (corner of Allen), New York
Please come early, seating is limited

Generously supported by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States.

This video proposes the allegory of a social drift with all the power of romantic fascination that it can evoke. It is about a meeting between two young people formatted by a culture of success with two men embodying a nihilistic vision of society.

This work approaches this tiny border which exists between the hero and the failure, of this difficulty identifying our own referents. Are these two men messiahs or two poor wandering guys? Is this journey down the river closer to a descent into hell or a journey of initiation?

The hero of the film, the one who will be led to the sacrifice, evokes certain passages from "The Accursed Share" of Georges Bataille, particularly those who make references to the human sacrifices, to the beauty, the luxury and the potlatch.

(note: the above text was obviously poorly translated from french. i tried to edit it a little bit to make it read better, but it still sucks. to read the original go to )