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DAN ASHER Benefit: Gavin Brown's Enterprise, Thursday, April 1, 7-9 pm

Benefit Sale for DAN ASHER
Thursday, April 1, 2010
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Gavin Brown Enterprises
620 Greenwich Street (at Leroy Street)
New York, NY

from Gavin Brown:

Most of you know Dan Asher. He is unforgettable. One of the great believers. A staggeringly prolific and inventive artist who undoubtedly will be more appreciated when he is gone than he is today.

Dan has been sick with lymphoma/leukemia for some time, but in the last few months his illness has progressed and changed, fast and aggressively. Anyone who has seen Dan in the past month knows that he is in the middle of a brutal fight. Dan will be undergoing a stem cell transplant from his brother at some point in the next month. His platelet counts are very low, which indicates that most likely the cancer is advancing once again. He will undergo intense chemo in hospital prior to the procedure. (The cancer transformed to a virulent form in November and the chemo can keep it at bay for shorter and shorter periods, leaving a dire prognosis unless the transplant is performed).

It has happened again - one of our community, an artist whose only real asset is his creativity, is struck a blow and needs the assistance of his friends and peers. Dan has been extremely weak and unable to work for some months. He is way behind on his rent, and his ability to work will be severely curtailed in the months after the procedure - 2/3 months in hospital and 2/3 month convalescence at home. As for amounts needed to move Dan forward. Debt + 6 months buffer (rent/medical and home care/organic juices/etc.) for recovery/stem cell would put Dan's total need at around 49/55K - at least. This includes home care, which Dan needs now to be able to remain in his apartment.

New York - 1976 © Dan Asher / Idols 1976

All of you know Bob Marley. This Thursday we will have, on display and for sale, a group of over 50 iconic portraits of Bob Marley. Shot by Dan Asher from the 1970s, they are some of the most intimate and historic photos ever taken of the singer and cultural leader. They include images in the studio, amongst friends, and also at the unprecedented One Love Peace Concert in 1978. On this occasion Bob Marley requested the two leaders of the rival political parties to join him on stage and to hold hands. He showed the people of Jamaica their commitment to the betterment of the society including decreasing political rivalry and the number of killings taking place between rival gangs, which only seemed to benefit the politicians. It was a magical moment, and the photos were seen around the world.

What we have to sell are 55 images 20x24 warm tone silver gelatin / selenium toned signed prints, in an edition of 2. Please come over and support - this Thursday night.

To see a complete numbered set of the images please go to

If you want to just donate please make a pledge at or on thursday bring some cash or a check made payable to Dan Asher. Thanks.