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Dan Asher 12/31/1947 - 04/23/2010

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^ Dan Asher singing Karen Dalton's "Every Time I Think of Freedom" ^

News of Dan Asher's passing on Friday, April 23, has been slowly spreading through the downtown NY art world. He was an original, unique presence, an artist of rare expressive power with an uncompromising anarchic temperament. We will all miss him.

Asher was seriously ill with lymphoma/leukemia, a condition which had gravely worsened in recent weeks. He was receiving extensive medication and had been admitted to the hospital for chemotherapy and other procedures. A stem cell replacement was being considered.

In order to help raise money for this health care, the Gavin Brown gallery organized and hosted a benefit sale of Asher's mid-70s photographs of Bob Marley, which was announced in a previous posting on this site.

DAN ASHER Benefit: Gavin Brown's Enterprise, Thursday, April 1, 7-9 pm

Benefit Sale for DAN ASHER
Thursday, April 1, 2010
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Gavin Brown Enterprises
620 Greenwich Street (at Leroy Street)
New York, NY

from Gavin Brown:

Most of you know Dan Asher. He is unforgettable. One of the great believers. A staggeringly prolific and inventive artist who undoubtedly will be more appreciated when he is gone than he is today.

Dan has been sick with lymphoma/leukemia for some time, but in the last few months his illness has progressed and changed, fast and aggressively. Anyone who has seen Dan in the past month knows that he is in the middle of a brutal fight. Dan will be undergoing a stem cell transplant from his brother at some point in the next month. His platelet counts are very low, which indicates that most likely the cancer is advancing once again. He will undergo intense chemo in hospital prior to the procedure. (The cancer transformed to a virulent form in November and the chemo can keep it at bay for shorter and shorter periods, leaving a dire prognosis unless the transplant is performed).

It has happened again - one of our community, an artist whose only real asset is his creativity, is struck a blow and needs the assistance of his friends and peers.

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