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Saving Russia

When I was paddling in Brandenburg to see how easily waterplants could be collected to yield
biofuel, I passed a large monument to the Russian soldiers who fought there,

and I realized,

that Russia was now in trouble,

and needed to be saved

from the combustion of fossil fuels,

including Russia's own oil, the world's No. 2 reserve,

and Russia's own fossil gas, the world's No. 1 reserve,

because, as we saw this past summer,

if the combustion of fossil fuels continues,
the summers will be hotter than before,
and drier than before,
with the consequence being what already happened:

fires everywhere, with a Motherland turned into
a Wasteland.

into Desert.

Any action in developing an industry with renewable energy resources, including biogas from waterplants,

any action in replacing fossil fuels as an
energy source,

will help rescue Russia from its present trajectory, of becoming a desert...

worse, a desert probably contaminated by
nuclear residues from the reactors that
can no longer get enough cooling water, or
that are recirculated in the air with fires
around Chernobyl.

Putin likes to be a tough guy.
But the facts of the past summer are tougher.

We can save Russia from demise by developing
all manner of biologically-sustainable substitutes
for the fossil oil and gas,

and, along the way, for nuclear minerals too.

And then transplanting or developing this know-how
inside that country.

It has more ocean water, and more marine bioproductivity (e.g., Sea of Okhotsk) than
any other country on the planet.

Help them use it.

Peter Fend