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Royalism & Humanity II

Recent events, and business prospects before me,
have engendered a second "review" of cultural documents that support royalism, particularly UK royalism.

First, whatever has been proposed for Disney dolls stands. That's right, Wolfgang, at least to the point of discrediting such dolls, I stand by the view that young girls, like my daughter, should not be growing up wanting to be a princess.

Movies & History

Here is a simultaneous review, or series of comments, on two films.

Royalism & Humanity

While it's fun to see Susan Philipsz getting the Turner Prize, it's worrisome that, with such an
honor, art remains in service of the Empah.

We can all enjoy the paahty, to quote Jay Jopling,
and we can all realize that life gets on, doesn't it, without too much muss or fuss.

Consider what will happen this year, 2011.

In the U.S., Ancestry Should Mean Zero

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U.S. citizens, unlike people in many other countries, owe allegiance to a Constitution in which race, creed, color, nationality and other aspects of birth should be irrelevant. In sum:
ancestry, and even how one is raised, should mean zero. We are all meant to be equal before the law.

Terror in Berlin

One could call this an advance review, or just
a NOTIFICATION, about the upcoming Art Forum Berlin,

an event which, in its name, is already a challenge to the sovereignty of what is still the top art magazine and art arbiter of the world,

As I open my "" site, for personal email, I see that Berlin is especially targeted, they say, for attacks by El-Queda on US citizens.

Saving Russia

When I was paddling in Brandenburg to see how easily waterplants could be collected to yield
biofuel, I passed a large monument to the Russian soldiers who fought there,

and I realized,

that Russia was now in trouble,

and needed to be saved

from the combustion of fossil fuels,

US Responsibility for 9/11

A few months after the 9/11 attacks, the New Museum exhibited works of the artists who had had studios in the World Trade Center. One of those artists was my artist-firm, Ocean Earth, but by a margin, namely the personal approval of such a residency by Mouktar Kocache.

Wild-Animal Economy

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A Sebastian Hoffmann at the Sueedeutsche Zeitung
wrote that a folly is spreading throughout the
United States.

The folly, he says, comes from eco-freaks.



Liebe Meine Palin,

ich bin dein Pal,
du bist meine Palin,

so, wir koennen ueber USA reden.


Oder, warum ist alles UNBEKANNT?

Auf Englisch, Susa:

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