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Terror in Berlin

One could call this an advance review, or just
a NOTIFICATION, about the upcoming Art Forum Berlin,

an event which, in its name, is already a challenge to the sovereignty of what is still the top art magazine and art arbiter of the world,

As I open my "" site, for personal email, I see that Berlin is especially targeted, they say, for attacks by El-Queda on US citizens.


I do not believe this report one bit.

And even if it were true, I would not care.

If a dozen US citizens get killed in Berlin by an el-Queda attack (very unlikely), what is that in the global arithmetic of political death?

There is very much more to be afraid of than a few terrorists somewhere in Europe, are they there?, about to kill US citizens, called "Americans".

To list:

Antarctica meltdown (as experienced here in NZ,
with 10 weeks of unabated rain)

Arctic meltdown (coinciding with abnormal weather throughout northern Eurasia, and the consequent
fires and deforestation)

bankrupt economy, due to ceaseless expenditures on access to oil & gas, as in the war for control of Afghanistan, or capping of failed deep wells, both very costly endeavors, while new technologies needed by the planet do not get investment

a Berlin art scene which, as someone in a party said, is "like NY in the 80s", i.e., without direction or purpose, and which is little more than a nation-state effort to promote itself
(as the dominance of state funding shows)

premature death from pollution. The bees are disappearing, as are the fish and the birds. When are we next?

Talk about a possible el-Queda attack on "Americans", i.e., US citizens, not to be confused with Canadians, New Zealanders, Mexicans,
Australians or anyone else confusable with US citizens, is irrespnsible.

It shifts attention from much more grave issues.

I resent the US Government trying to stir up fears over what, even if confirmed by an event, is minor.

Peter Fend