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Caspar Stracke: Collaborations || Alterations

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a program of collaborative video works plus radical re-edits of some of my works by fellow artists as well as my own re-edits of works by others

GATEWAY (2010) clipped from a short documentary on the annual taxidermists convention in Springfield, Illinois,
originally produced by Dominique Gradenwitz for German TV Sat 1, re-edited.
THREADS (2001) collaboration with Mike Hoolboom, portrait of Tom Chomont, later finshed as TOM by Hoolboom and NO DAMAGE by myself)
CED Trilogy (2002) a collaboration with a broken vinyl disk player (pre-laser disk) re-edits excerpts of TRON and SHINING.
ELECTRIC SPEECH (1998/2010) re-edit by Jim Supanick of my Avital Ronell episode from Circle's Short Circuit, premiere)
PROXIMITY (bubble version) (2010) a re-edit of my installation work Proximity conceived site-specifically for the THE THINGS office in Chelsea 2002
"ETC, etc" (2007) Re-enactment of an instructional video by Dave Jones for Experimental TV Center (part of ETC: 1969-2009 distributed by EAI)

Dec 6 2010, 8 PM / free
The Thing@White Slab Palace
77 Delancey Street,
10002 New York NY
(SE corner of Delancey/Allen)