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The Thing@White Slab Palace - DAN OKI: PREDSTAVA (The Performance) Monday 9/12, 8 pm

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Croatia, 2010, 1h22, HD
New York premiere

A theatre troop from Split goes to New York on September 10, 2001. The troop is composed of a young married couple with their son, two girls and a young man. They are welcomed by their New York producer of Croatian descent and her American husband who works at the World Trade Centre. Suddenly, the troop finds itself in the middle of the September 11, 2001 destruction. Relationships between them change under the influence of the force of the events surrounding them...

"On September 11, 2001 I was in New York and I witnessed the terrorist attack and its consequences firsthand. I wanted to put the photographs I then took in the context of a feature-length film. The fiction part of the film is in full format while the documentary part is in split screen. The film tackles the senselessness of destruction, the unbreakable unity of everyone on this planet, as well as our unjust destruction of the animal world to which boy’s fantasy leads us." (Dan Oki)

with: Vanda Boban, Marin Tudor, Lana Hulenic, Marko Petric, Elena Orlic, Luka Jokic Sterle, Sandra Sterle, Brian Willems.
production house: Studio Fugo

DAN OKI (Slobodan Jokić, Zadar, 1965) is an internationally renown media artist for twenty years. As a producer, writer & director he made three feature films: Oxygen4, Performance and The Dark. Teaches as a professor of Film and Media Arts at UMAS in Split and ADU in Zagreb. He has won number of international prizes for his films and media art.
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The Thing @ White Slab Palace
Monday, September 12, 2011, 8 PM
77 Delancey Street (corner of Allen)

Caspar Stracke: Collaborations || Alterations

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a program of collaborative video works plus radical re-edits of some of my works by fellow artists as well as my own re-edits of works by others

GATEWAY (2010) clipped from a short documentary on the annual taxidermists convention in Springfield, Illinois,
originally produced by Dominique Gradenwitz for German TV Sat 1, re-edited.

The YouTubing of Bruce Conner (1933 - 2008)

The great collage artist and accidental avant-garde father of found-footage, Bruce Conner died July 7th 2008. His legacy in Library of Congress and in collections among major art institution the world over. But long before he certainly had been immortalized on YouTube, and that of course bears an amusing double-irony. Some might interpret it as "giving back" others as "stealing from a thief".

video_dumbo, briefly revisited

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Here's a little --> photo story of what happened literally one block away from the "artist meeting" during the dumbo festival last month (of which I just learned thru this blog!)

In memoriam: Príamo Lozada 1964-2007

Príamo Lozada died June 13th at 7:30 pm during the preparation of the Mexican Pavillion in Venice. Apparantly he accidentally fell out of a 3rd story window of the building and later died in a hospital in Mestre near Venice.

Lozada was the visionary curator of the Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City.


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What a sad and disgusting story.
But quiet some food for thought.
Very curious about opinions here!

NYT article

Hello Korea #6

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cute art chique design tag piracy. Who sez China's the only bad guy?

"The Future of Media x Art" ICC Tokyo 04/19

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Soh-Yeong Roh (Nabi Art Center, Seoul)
"Can't we drop that "media" and call it all art?"
Masaki Fujihata
"It's only called 'Media Art' because we had to come up with some name to calm down the confused art collectors."
Alex Andriaansen (V2_)
"I did not use the word 'Media Art' at all in my talk. OK, OK, once."

Hello Korea # 5: There's more!

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Can't help it: In my growing Korea image collection those 9-11s keep emerging. (and all that started with the Hyundai Department Store during the 5th anniversary)
Most noteworthy a wall paper featured at Seoul's Ssamzie Market, in an art/fashion show entitled WAKE UP ANDY WARHOL. This piece shows WTC jumpers as a decorative tile pattern, each tagged with an Andy Warhol siganture.

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