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In memoriam: Príamo Lozada 1964-2007

Príamo Lozada died June 13th at 7:30 pm during the preparation of the Mexican Pavillion in Venice. Apparantly he accidentally fell out of a 3rd story window of the building and later died in a hospital in Mestre near Venice.

Lozada was the visionary curator of the Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City.

Those who have visited this place knew its magic, its mystic and the challenge with every exhibition to invent effective strategies for presenting video art and new media in this giant, old, cathedral-like exhibition space.

Friends and colleagues gathered for a memorial at the Laboratorio yesterday.

How does a Biennale react of the sudden death of one of its curators during / right after the opening ceremonies? It doesn't.

In memorium: Priamo Lozada

Just a tiny clarification. My brother Priamo was born in 1962 and he died on June 14, 2007; not 1964 or June 13th as written.

You are however accurate in your statement in reference to the response from the Biennale; non existant. Extremely sad.

It must be said however that, the mexican artist participating in the Biennale, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, was thoughtful and kind to our family during our tragedy. It must also be said that, the Mexican Pavillion, flew its flag at half mast, and hung a black ribbon on its doors, in memory of its curator Priamo Lozada. It was both an overwhelming and comforting sight. Thank you.

Thanks also to those of you who called daily, emailed, and came to Venice to visit Priamo during his hospital stay. Although he never regained conciousness, I would like to think that he felt honored by having his closest friends at his side until the very end.

It should also be clarified, just to avoid confusion for all his fans in Mexico that, Priamo was cremated in Venice but, was laid to rest at the family cemetary in Miami, not in Mexico as previously written.

Priamo was a grand personality but, a truly simple person. He will be remembered for his uniqueness and special qualities by all those who knew, and loved him today and always.

To the up and coming artists; never give up! Keep believing in your work and in yourselves. Priamo would have done so!


Evelyn Lozada