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video_dumbo, briefly revisited

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Here's a little --> photo story of what happened literally one block away from the "artist meeting" during the dumbo festival last month (of which I just learned thru this blog!)
Quite absurd to organize an art exhibition as part of a bigger festival which is such a nerve-wrecking giant effort, that there is absolutely no second to step outside. As a result we had absolutely no clue what's going on around the corners in those three days. Probably same for G.H. whose work we screened but who was not seen at our venue once!! Shame ..I guess on both of us!

This was the third edition of video_dumbo

This year we could not get in our favorite venue, the stable (16 Main St) which is now Galapagos. Robert seemed behind with his renovation, however he got the big -disputed- elephant dumped in his house. We on the other hand were given another monster by Two Trees: A 5000+ sqft gallery space which made us expand our usual festival line up into a big exhibition (in which then some screenings took place)
The space turned out to be incredible: Large like an airplane hangar - eteam housed an entire cardboard Boeing 737 in full length!) It was also big enough to watch a video program - without getting distracted by the installations. Not even five close ups of woman in orgasm, Breda Beban's BEAUTIFUL EXILE on the far end wall displaying a 40 feet wide five channel video installation.

We were quiet happy with the outcome, it was really fantastic what came together this year. With absolutely generous help from our exhibition artists as well as support from Eyebeam, Roebling and Smack that let us use their equipment.
The amount of projectors, etc would have exhausted our micro budget entirely..

And again, for Gabriela and myself each time a new interesting experience to find ourselves temporarily in the other side - the one of the organizer, artist caterer, facilitator... again we were dealing with 150+ picky artists queens. Most amusing observation: unlike those artists featured with installation, 95% of our local video artists in the program only showed up for those program blocks which featured them, but none of the others. Those peacocks! ;-)

Among the highlights: Our Korea program (which we repeated) as well as Zach Layton, Ray Sweeten, Luke Dubois and Matt Ostrovsky whose live AV performances were among one of the most kick ass I have seen for a long time!

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HI Casper,

I tried to go to the video dumbo but I went to the place it was held last year and realized it wasn't there. The larger DUMBO Arts festival is very disorganized. This is probably because it's a very loose curatorial effort that is not so controlled. This allows for a lot of "new" works to be shown. My complaint was that there was no actual hospitality people or a hospitality center. This is actually a good idea for a cellphone social sculpture piece if anyone picks up on it.
I'm sorry I didn't even get to see you for a moment before you went back to Korea!