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Blind Barber by Alterazioni Video

BLIND BARBER by Alterazioni Video.


Wolfgang Staehle, Raganr Kjartansson, Mike Egan, Uri Aran, Viola Yesiltac, Adam Kleinman, Eva Mattes, Freddy Spaghetti and Nick the Scissor

Live sound track by Alterazioni Video

Produced by Dispari&Dispari Project

" In the beginning, there were no rules dictating the number or sequence of reels that made up a film. Sometimes scenes from different pictures were shuffled and combined into one program. So no two screenings of a film were ever the same. The audience could move about, talk, fight and arrange the furniture according to their impulses. There was no finished version of any film…in some events the music soundtrack was played live."
-- J.Kelsey

For the members of Alterazioni Video, shooting a film is an open adventure. We travel to exotic locations around the world. We invite charismatic authors, artists, performers, writers, musicians, and even ordinary people to act in the film. Each one brings along his own particular character. The creative process becomes part of the film, the film becomes a part of the creative process. It's a full time performance around which the film grows.
Music is always a very important element in Alterazioni Video films. It’s the blood, the glue, that brings life to their work. They form temporary local rock bands and they write, compose, and perform the movie soundtrack.