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Blackout -- Save the Internet Today

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Please call your representatives and protest! Tell them to drop the bill!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Phone: (202) 224-3542

Or sign petitions:

etc. etc.

Just do something! Spend ten minutes of your time, it's worth it!

I just called and emailed Velasquez, Nadler and Maloney! Here's what I told them:

Dear Congresswoman Velasquez,

Please help to stop SOPA. Help us to stop the entertainment industrie's and the Chamber of Commerce's drive to kill the free and open internet. Small internet hosting companies like don't have the resources to defend themselves against the onslaught of big media.

All the cultural diversity of the net will be endangered. What we will get eventually is homogenous Disney, Fox and Time Warner fare for everyone.

Our network is currently blocked by China, because we host a web site called Do we want to emulate China? Is that the idea?


Wolfgang Staehle communications, LLC