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OWS: Union Sq March 28 "The Trap of Violence"

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New York, March 28--"Be peaceful, and organize!" says Chantale of Occupy Wall Street Library, after repeated altercations this evening with Parks Enforcement Personnel (of which there were at least 7) and asks for activists not to be provoked into violence by police tactics, however capricious and infuriating. while kitchen was nearing the end of serving dinner, the PEP requested that OWS take down the tables from which food was being served--for the first time, people said, since the occupation of Union Square began on March 17-- and relocate them to either the east or west side of the park. where green medallions embedded in the paving stones indicate the spots where, according to PEP, informational tables may be set up. The exchanges which I recorded between PEP and OWS were nuanced or plain ambiguous; it's therefore not clear what changes in routine will be adopted tomorrow. There was much confusion about the precise location of park boundaries and the exact wording of laws or administrative regulations--which were not quoted verbatim by PEP--and how consistently they are being applied. Video and text by Squaring Off. For more info re this channel please contact