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East-West Rift Growing in Zuccotti Park / NYPD seeding #OWS with drunk, homeless, unbalanced

NYPD seeding Zuccotti Park with lowlife population of drunk, homeless and mentally unbalanced, in a cynical ploy to use the openness of #OWS to destroy it from within.

from the Daily News:

At Occupy Wall Street central, a rift is growing between east and west sides of the plaza
The Wall Street protesters determined to “Occupy Everything” now find themselves, in a sense, occupied

#OccupyWallStreet Day 8: the NYPD Strikes Back

Slow motion video showing Officer Anthony Bologna (a.k.a. Tony Baloney) spraying mace into the eyes of two "kettled" (corralled) protesters.

Here's a close up of his badge:


Wednesday, April 29, 2009, started just like any other day in New York
City. I needed to do an errant and had to go up to the German Consulate on 49th Street to have my signature verified on some legal document my
Berlin notary had sent me. It was a beautiful day and so I decided to
take my old BMW K75 motorcycle for a ride up there. My plan was to

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