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“1-2-3-4, I declare class war”

Yesterday, March 17, 2012, to mark the occasion of the half-anniversary of the OWS movement, some people congregated at Zucotti Park. I decided to exercise my constitutional right to free assembly and joined them in the evening. When I arrived, a crowd of perhaps 500 peaceful people were hanging out. While chatting with some old friends (Rene Gabri was there and some people from the Mayan Spring Training), I noticed a disproportionate force of NYPD troopers massing on the eastern side of the park. Then, without giving any reason (the park ostensibly has 24 hours public access, so the assembly was perfectly legal) they suddenly announced with a bullhorn that they were going to clear the park and if we wouldn't leave immediately we'd be subject to arrest. Some people sat down and the cops moved in with drawn batons and started arresting people. Those who didn't move were dragged away by force and loaded into waiting vans. Not a pretty sight. I think Commissioner Kelly should be held legally responsible for violating our constitutional rights. It is time to test the court system and see if it is still impartial. If not, and that's my guess, we can assume that the US is a failed state.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." JFK