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East-West Rift Growing in Zuccotti Park / NYPD seeding #OWS with drunk, homeless, unbalanced

NYPD seeding Zuccotti Park with lowlife population of drunk, homeless and mentally unbalanced, in a cynical ploy to use the openness of #OWS to destroy it from within.

from the Daily News:

At Occupy Wall Street central, a rift is growing between east and west sides of the plaza
The Wall Street protesters determined to “Occupy Everything” now find themselves, in a sense, occupied

murphblog: Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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This past weekend and the weekend before that the #2 Uptown subway turned into the #5 Downtown at Bowling Green. While the logic of this escaped me I endeavored to be a good old-fashioned New Yorker, didn't question, followed the signs and found myself headed back to Brooklyn instead of my job at Herald Square making me late. The second time it happened I duped a then very irate man into following me onto the #4 and buried my face in my crossword puzzle until I could escape his wrath. Hey, man, I'm late for work, too! And my job is more important than your job ... Isn't it obvious from my black suit? Didn't you ever watch the X Files?

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